Whether you’re joining virtually while following social distancing guidelines, or looking to join in person once studios open back up, you’ve come to the right place! I cannot wait to continue to foster a sense of community with you all while breaking a sweat and having fun!!

It means the world that you have made it to my website. As of May 28th this site will not longer be updated. I am excited to announce the official launch of BY RB. You can find all you need to know about my classes and what's next on my new site!! Please CLICK HERE to join me on the next chapter of our journey together!

Class Info

I am so grateful you want to sweat with me!! While we patiently wait for SoulCycle and Barry's to open back up I am teaching THREE CLASSES A WEEK to the public! Zoom ID for ALL CLASSES in May:  857-0297-6061

Wednesday @ 530pm

Thursday @ 7am

Saturday @ 930am


*all classes are pdt*

Classes are full body work outs designed to the beat of the music. 45 minutes of hard work, cat cameos, and sweaty mindfulness meant to keep your mind, body, and spirit feeling connected and strong during this time. All you need is a space to move and light weights (towels, water bottles, or cans work too!). 

Classes are donation based, and any sort of generosity is appreciated. If you're able to donate financially my venmo is @rachaelbrookehoppock . 

Drop your email below to get access to Zoom links. The link will be the same for the entire month of May and then we will reevaluate.  I also send out little bits of inspiration, class updates and reminders, and playlists throughout the week!!

In addition to public class times I am also offering the following service:

 Build Your Own Group Classes

Create your group, choose your class time and length, choose equipment or bodyweight work outs and LETS GO!! We already have multiple birthdays lined up, a bachelorette party, a high school class, and happy hour replacement! Looking forward to getting creative and having fun!! Please email to learn more about pricing/availability. 


Consult your physician regarding the applicability of any recommendations and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.


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Rachael Brooke's free-spirited soul originated in Portland, Oregon. Sidelined from her professional dance career in NYC due to a foot injury, Rachael found that group fitness played an integral part in her road to recovery, both mentally and physically. Her classes focus on her approach to healthy movement as a sweaty practice of perseverance, strength, celebration, and gratitude. Rachael’s quirky positivity, natural athleticism, and dancer intuition combine together to create a challenging and always exciting ride.


In her 6th year as a group fitness instructor in NYC and SF, RB now teaches as a Senior Instructor with SoulCycle and Barry's. As the world was turned upside down March 2020, RB moved her group fitness classes online. Looking forward to the day we can return to moving in the same room, she is striving to create the same genuine sense of community, wellness, and sweat virtually!! In addition to fitness, RB works passionately on the adoptions team at the San Francisco SPCA- interested in adopting a new dog or cat? She's your girl!


"RB has a calm, inclusive energy that make her workouts accessible and fun. I love group fitness, and I was hesitant to try just any zoom workout. It’s amazing how quickly she’s created an online community, and it truly feels like RB is in the room with me." -Tahlia B.

"I recently made the move from San Francisco to New York. Rachael's weekly class has given me a little piece of home that I very much needed during this transition and challenging time. Not to mention the workout itself is top notch - it's one of the best home workouts I've ever done. You'll forget you're even working out from home. It's truly the greatest thing that has come out of this lockdown, and she is such an amazing instructor and person." - Shannon C.


"I've been impressed with Rachael's classes over the past 5+ years, she's one of my favorites. The inspiration from her willingness to expose her own vulnerabilities and struggles, coupled with the challenge from her natural awareness of movement and the body (as a former professional dancer), make her instruction and programming second to none. All of that contributes to the incredible community she has built within, and grown outside of, her classes. In these times, her workout from home zoom classes have been something I look forward to every week - light and love amidst all the angst and darkness, and most of all a community connected despite the social distancing." - Dave S.

"RB's classes are far more than a fantastic workout. Each class is physically challenging, mentally empowering, and spiritually uplifting. Rachael curates a powerful combination of movement and music that come together and create pure magic. Iv'e been taking her classes for the past 5 years and my body, mind, and spirit crave the class and community she creates each week whether it be on the bike, on the floor, on the tread, or from home." - Jess G.

"Rachael is AMAZING! Her infectious energy and motivational spirit (not to mention, her incredible physical prowess) have kept my husband and I followers of hers for the past 4 years. These new at-home (SIP friendly) workouts have been such a godsend. In a time where social isolation is getting us all a bit down, it has been super fun to be a part of this Rachael-Love-Community--seeing everyone on-screen doing Rachael's workouts simultaneously communing in the only way we can right now. Super convenient, super tough, super amazing. The music is always killer. Rachael's smile and energy start our day off feeling injected with love, community, fitness, and fun." - Katie M. 

"Rachael is one of my FAVORITE instructors, I’ve been a regular for 4 years.  It’s not just her love of the Greatest Showman or the Rolling Stones, it’s that she inspires me and truly makes me feel like family.  A while ago I made myself a challenge to do a Barry’s double floor class and then run to one of her Soul Cycle classes in the Castro [she does this BTW!].  I kept putting it off and that clearly isn’t happening now, but her Saturday family time classes are absolutely amazing... they bring me so much joy.  Plus, I can’t wait to finally achieve my goal AND hopefully still get my Saturday morning family time!" - KT B.

"Working out with Rachael online has been a highlight of my week. She is enthusiastic, motivating, and manages to make an incredibly isolating time feel a lot less lonely and really fun. The workouts are challenging but she makes every move easy to follow and you can tell she’s put a lot of thought into the pacing and rhythm of the class." - Rose M.


"I went into quarantine, feeling isolated and disconnected from my SoulCycle family. Your weekend workouts have become a consistent part of our quarantine routine because it feels so good to reconnect with so many familiar faces outside the studio virtually. Thank you for volunteering to bring your positive energy and sense of community to our living rooms each week. I love that the workouts are challenging yet doable regardless of your fitness level. And yes, of course, I am living for the music in your classes and the Spotify playlists you send out afterward. " - Julio L.